Betfair Trading Strategies

The simplest of Betfair trading strategies is the same as when trading on the stock market and Forex, you buy or sell in the direction you expect the market to go. You are betting on the market swing, and if you are right, you can take a few points profit out of the market. Get it wrong, and you lose a few points profit. Figuring out Betfair trading strategies means that you should make a profit over the long term, but how do you do that?

Well the first thing to remember is that you will only be making the odd point profit here and there, so do not expect to make a decent profit when you first start, as your stake should only be £2, this means that your profit or loss will only be pennies. First you must learn to profit over the long term with small stakes, if you can’t do that, then you can’t make money with larger stakes.

One of the easiest Betfair trading strategies is to concentrate on races where the 1st and 2nd favourites are close, and there is a decent enough gap between the 2nd and 3rd favourites. This means that there are 2 strong horses in the market, and price wise, they will balance each other out. So if one starts to move in, the other will move out. Markets like this are easy to trade profits on, and there are usually opportunities every day.

Whatever you do, never let a trade go in-running, and never let it drift out hoping it will come back to you. Set a stop loss, and stick with it.

You can use the normal Betfair screen for trading, but you really need a betting bot, and I use Betangel. You can trade on the free version to begin with to see if you can get the hang of it or not.

Trading Software for Betfair

The number of people working from home continues to grow at breakneck speed and one of the biggest areas of growth in the UK is Online Trading, both in sports and various other markets.

There are many advantages of setting up and running a sports trading operation from your home. Firstly overheads are kept to a minimum, there is no demand for expensive office accommodation or pricey staff, and there is no demand to purchase stock. Second of all, all profits are entirely tax free in the UK. Yes, you read that right, nothing to pay to the taxman regardless of how much profit you make.

The markets that you can trade from home are far too numerous to point out here, but are not confined entirely to sports. Politics, stock markets, even reality TV show outcomes are avidly followed by the expanding army of online traders.

So what is the difference between online trading and gambling? Simple, in gambling you back a horse or a team in the hope that it wins. In online trading you buy odds due to the fact that you believe they are good value, then you could sell it to someone else for even more money if you wish, thus locking in an assured profit regardless of the outcome of the race or event or whatever it is. Conversely if you think a bet to be overvalued you can sell it initially, with the concept of buying it back at less money later on to make your profit. This operation was totally impossible with a traditional bookmaker prior to the invention of betting exchanges.

So just what is the distinction between trading the Dow Jones closing rate on the stock market, to trading the same thing on a betting exchange? In my view, definitely nothing at all, except of course the absurd advantage I previously pointed out that all your revenues on the betting exchanges are not taxed. Little wonder then that businesses and serious money have actually been pouring into the betting exchanges in the past couple of years.

They also offer a hedging vehicle to balance existing trading in more conventional markets and here too the influx of business has been heavy and sustained.

Already there are plenty of books and courses offered supposedly to tell you the best ways to efficiently trade these exchanges. Similar to all books and guides, some are great and quickly become bibles, while others need leaving in the nearby public ease post haste. However I would recommend Betangel Pro for learning the ropes, as this software comes complete with a training mode that means you can trade without risking real cash.

All this interest in online trading has brought a significant rise in liquidity that makes it a lot simpler to trade. On one exchange alone during a current cricket match in excess of forty million pounds was matched, that’s about seventy million dollars. On one game! That’s a stat that is bound to make anyone think seriously about online trading.

Betting exchanges are acquiring credence and influence all the time and with each month that passes an additional nation legalises the entire operation, and it would appear that it is just a matter of time before the betting exchanges are totally legalised and accepted worldwide. The exponential growth in this sector is sure to continue, governmental interference being the only feasible challenge to their onward worldwide popularity. Little wonder then that this is among the largest growth sectors for new start-up businesses, a fact that is bound to attract even higher interest as it continues to grow.If you are considering beginning a brand-new online business from your home, and if you have a talent for mathematics, you could possibly do a lot worse than have a look at the whole business of online trading on the betting exchanges.

Betting exchange trading can be hard to get your head around at first, but you have it figured out profits can come quickly. However do not believe this is risk free as most other sites will tell you, it carries risk but these are usually due to human error. Get rid of those errors, put in a few weeks/months training, and you can be made for life.

I use Betangel Pro on a daily basis not just for trading but also normal betting and would be lost without it.


Trading Software for Betfair