Automated Betfair Betting Bot Betsender Review

Time is something most of us are short of these days, and if we are at work during the racing hours getting bets on can be a right pain in the ass. For those of us who enjoy a constant supply of odds that are better than the bookmakers we use Betfair. You can get plenty of software to use on Betfair, some of it is poop, some of it is OK, while a few are excellent.

One betting bot in the ‘excellent’ category is BETSENDER. This nice bit of kit allows you to place all your bets when you have the time, like the night before, fire the bot up before going to work, and it will place the bets on the horses you selected. It has plenty of ‘rules’ you can add such as back the Fav, and numerous others. I use this everyday myself as it frees up my time to do other things like trading. Although it is a little expensive, it is a one-off payment with free updates, and when you realise how much time it can save you, and how powerful it is, then it is money well spent.

I even supply the Free Tips and Members Tips in betsender format so they are easy to import into the software.

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 Betsender Review