Horse Betting System: Smart Bet Wizard Review

Smart Bet Wizard Review


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Win2Win Racing Comments

Smart Bet Wizard has been around for a good few years, and is pretty much a top seller, and according to the sales stats I have of it they issue very few refunds, so folk either think it is worth the money, or can’t be bothered claiming the money back (and I doubt that).

Due to the popularity of this software you will find 100′s of listing of it on Google, most though are sales copies just trying to flog you it without passing on any useful info, others are folk slagging it off, but you will always get them for every product available on the planet. I mean who rushes to the internet to say something they buy is fantastic? On the other hand if it breaks, and customer service is poo, you will have a moan on the internet somewhere.

Anyway, back to Smart Bet Wizard. It consists of 3 systems, which mainly pick favourites, so the SR should be OK, and software that works out your stakes. It’s all simple enough to use, and the new version now imports a file sent daily so you no longer need to type anything in. Most other products would charge monthly for this, but you just pay the one-off charge, and that’s it, and you can be confident you will still be getting the files in years to come.

From what I am aware, the staking plan is not a loss recovery scheme, so you should have decent enough bank protection.

So is it worth buying? Well with all the info & the software you get, plus the daily updates, it is very cheap for long term use. You do get the 8 week money back guarantee, and that is plenty of time to see how much you can profit (or lose!).


Smart Bet Wizard Review