Horse Racing Selection Betting Techniques

For a few hundred years, horse racing has been a part of our society. It has been the preferred entertainment for a lot of different people. Although many individuals assume that it’s inconceivable to generate profits by betting on horse racing, other finds it quite easy by using systems and metods. In truth, many individuals have gained wealth simply by betting on horse races. Nevertheless, it is usually a fact that many have lost their money due to this sport.

Now, if you’re a newbie, utilizing systems and methods before you know the basics will likely confuse you. You see, there are some phrases used in racing systems that are not simple to understand.

There are numerous guides on the market that will enable you learn how to bet on horse racing, or use my forum for advice and questions. In betting, you need to make physical approximations on the form of each horse. You need to have a look at the jockey and the trainer of the horse. You have to make sure that your selection is likely to have an excellent run.

There are nonetheless different factors which are needed for betting, and to find out about them, many people have produced different horse racing methods and systems that will help to determine the horse which is most likely to win the race.

However, it can take numerous attempts to determine which sort of horse will come up with the goods. You will want to do thorough research to increase the probability of profit on each bet. For some folks, this is time consuming and the likelihood of doing it is minimal. Nonetheless, what they don’t know is that these methods will provide valuable info as to which horse will win each race. Having your own view, allows you to adjust your selections, so that you only concentrate on horse type, and races, that are profitable.

The usage of horse racing methods is more common than system betting. Although technically speaking, a method is a system that is flexible.

Most people back favorites, but they only win around 33% of races, which means they will lose 2/3rds of them, and they never profit over the long term. But favorites do win the most races, so by being selective, they can be made profitable. Avoiding all handicaps is a good start, as this then gives you a 40% SR to begin with.

A horse racing method can be utilized if you know which horses have high probabilities of being profitable over the long term. You can use various betting methods, including a straight bet, place bet, each way bet, reverse forecast, tricast, and more.
Most of systems and methods can be discovered online, just use a search engine and you’ll get a long list of results. Or look through my forum, and site, as various betting systems and methods can be found there. It’s up to you if you wish to use them or not. When you don’t really feel like throwing away your money by randomly deciding on a horse, it is advisable to use a horse racing system.

Horse Racing System: Midas Method System 2.0 Review

One thing that annoys me about sales pages is showing pictures of expensive posh cars. If the product in question produces profits then it is likely to take a few years to make enough money to be able to withdraw the tens of thousands for such a car. More likely the average punter will be starting with a betting bank of £50-£200 and so after 5+ years will they possibly be profiting enough to spend some of it. However the more you withdraw from your betting bank the slower your bank will grow unless you have already hit your maximum stake.

Saying all that, while doing this Midas Method 2.0 Review it was clear that with a small betting bank you could build up profits in a steady manner.

The system itself is relatively easy to follow. As with all horse racing systems it can take a week or two before you are up to speed with it.

So is the Midas Method System profitable. Based on my own research and information from trusted independent sources profits can reach 50% of your betting bank every 3 months, however please remember, no matter what horse racing system you use you will always have losing runs, and it is the ability to handle them that can make a system profitable or not. Stick to the rules, and you should profit long term.

The bonus with the Midas Method is you also get tips via email, these are not the system qualifiers though, and if you do not have the time for the system itself, you can just follow the email tips as over the month I tested them I made 12 points profit.

So how much does this cost? Well presently if you just want the system it is £29, if you want the email service as well, which I highly recommend, this is £97 a year. That’s just £8 a month and is a bargain for the potential of the tips. In fact I could see the email tips outperforming the actual system long term.


  Midas Method System 2.0 Review

Profit On The Exchanges: Laying Horses with an Official Rating

While doing a bit of research today I was looking at the Official Ratings of horses (OR) and seeing if any trends showed up. The OR is freely available you’ll find it on the Racing Post and Sporting Life sites.

Now all ratings service produce long term losses if you back everything, the way to use them is to do some research and see if any long term trends are profitable, or be selective. Or, since you know they show long term losses you can look for an edge when laying the horses. So while looking at the OR stats from various angles a couple of race type kept showing profits if you laid them on the exchanges.

Year Ran Win SR Lay PL
2008 86 42 48.84 12.52 14.56
2009 82 46 56.1 1.27 1.54
2010 79 42 53.16 8.57 10.85
2011 78 31 39.74 24.44 31.33
2012 58 31 53.45 7.27 12.53

Now some may think the stats above aren’t impressive but when I tell you all the selections were ODDS ON FAVOURITES they look pretty good, especially as the average odds were 1.68. And these results have the 5% commission deducted as well, so if you have less than the default 5% then that means more profits.

So although this system has less than 100 qualifiers a year, it helps you target odds on horses with lay betting.

Free Horse Racing System Rules:
1. Check for races in which the favourite will be odds on, do not use forecast odds, you need to bet near the off.
2. Only bet in CLAIMERS or CONDITIONS races, regardless of whether they are a handicap or not.
3. Make sure the selection is the top rated with its Official Rating.

It is as simple as that. All horses in the race need not have an OR. If just one has an OR then that is the top rated.