Horse Racing System: Midas Method System 2.0 Review

One thing that annoys me about sales pages is showing pictures of expensive posh cars. If the product in question produces profits then it is likely to take a few years to make enough money to be able to withdraw the tens of thousands for such a car. More likely the average punter will be starting with a betting bank of £50-£200 and so after 5+ years will they possibly be profiting enough to spend some of it. However the more you withdraw from your betting bank the slower your bank will grow unless you have already hit your maximum stake.

Saying all that, while doing this Midas Method 2.0 Review it was clear that with a small betting bank you could build up profits in a steady manner.

The system itself is relatively easy to follow. As with all horse racing systems it can take a week or two before you are up to speed with it.

So is the Midas Method System profitable. Based on my own research and information from trusted independent sources profits can reach 50% of your betting bank every 3 months, however please remember, no matter what horse racing system you use you will always have losing runs, and it is the ability to handle them that can make a system profitable or not. Stick to the rules, and you should profit long term.

The bonus with the Midas Method is you also get tips via email, these are not the system qualifiers though, and if you do not have the time for the system itself, you can just follow the email tips as over the month I tested them I made 12 points profit.

So how much does this cost? Well presently if you just want the system it is £29, if you want the email service as well, which I highly recommend, this is £97 a year. That’s just £8 a month and is a bargain for the potential of the tips. In fact I could see the email tips outperforming the actual system long term.


  Midas Method System 2.0 Review

How To Profit On Betfair?

Everyone who bets would like to profit consistently, and these days I often get asked ‘How to profit on Betfair?’

With Betfair offering better odds than the bookmakers in the majority of cases, especially on horse racing, it is now easier than ever to make from gambling.

Thousands of techniques, whether they be manual or systematic, exist in order to make long term profits, and I use a number of them myself, which includes normal betting, laying, and trading the odds on Betfair.

For a beginner the easiest way is to get hold of a horse racing system that is profitable, I sell a few on this site, and these are ones I have used myself for years.

DO NOT follow newspaper tipsters, they are paid to tip a horse in every race, and mention many more, unlike myself, they are not professional gamblers, just journalists with an interest in horse racing.

Once you have a profitable system, all you need do is just follow the rules. DO NOT deviate from them, I have seen many people turn a profitable system into a losing one over the years by deciding not to back certain qualifiers for one reason or another, and then when they lose the betting bank they blame the system!! If they had stuck strictly to the rules they would have been in profit.

To be honest, you are always best running at least 3 systems, this ensures that if one hits a losing run, the other 2 usually hold it up. Do not cluster win systems with lay ones though, you are best having 2 separate Betfair accounts, one each for backing the other for laying. This is because laying can be very volatile and can half the betting bank in just a few days.

If you have 3 win systems to follow then you do not need 3 betting banks. You can leverage 3 betting banks from just 2. Simply put, if you are starting with £100 per system, that should be £300 total. However, as this will never all be used at any one time betting 3% you can just use £200. Do not leverage more than that though, you have seen what happened to many UK banks when they did that!

You will also find a few ways to profit on Betfair by looking at the stats on this blog and putting your own system together, though I would recommend including a proven system as well if you are going to formulate your own rules based on stats.

If you have any questions about ‘How to profit on Betfair?’ then just ask on our horse racing forum.

Professional Gambling Betting Secrets

Many people who want to make money from betting on horse racing, may already be capable of it with out knowing, others may just need a little fine tuning to make it possible.

As many of you already know, I generally supply between a 25-65% strike-rate on most of my horse racing systems and method bets.

First of all I would like to stress the need for a betting bank and a staking plan.

If you place level stakes on your horses from the day you get paid, to the day your money runs out without a betting bank, and a proper staking plan in place, then you are probably increasing the bookies holiday fund!!

Having a betting bank and staking system does one of a number of things;

It ensures you always have money to bet with, so you don’t miss out on that 33/1 winner because your broke, when the day before you had £20 on a 1/3 loser!!

It ensures you make the most of higher priced winners, but do not have a fortune on them, as they win less often, hence the higher odds.

You always know how much the total loss is over a long-term if everything goes pear-shaped.

It help you realise were you are going wrong with your selections, if the bank decreases over the long-term.

If it is profitable, your stakes increase with the betting bank, and eventually allows you to deduct an income off it, when the betting bank is large enough. Remember, a withdrawal from your betting bank, is equivalent to a few losers, so you must ensure you only take out what you know you will recover.

Now for the point of when to increase or decrease stakes.

Two option are available for this:

If your initial betting bank of £100 reaches £200+ then, and only then do you increase stakes by the amount you set at the start, probably 3%. After that, repeat the same rule as above, every time your betting bank DOUBLES.

The opposite applies when you betting bank halves in value, this ensures a losing run is handled, and you should never lose your initial bank.

You increase by 3% (or less) after each bet. Sometimes due to work, this may not be possible so adjusting at the end of each day is fine, just say consistent.

These two way of managing a staking plan ensure you are never betting out of your limits, and also helps you to get used to using bigger stakes.

You continue with the above until the day you pass on to the Nether World!! You obviously have to put a cap on what your MAXIMUM BETTING will be if you are ever lucky enough to reach it, otherwise stakes will get out of hand.

Also when you put a cap on the betting bank, anything over that at the end of each month is yours to spend freely.


You should not really withdraw from you betting bank until you have at least a few grand, and never take more than the equivalent of 20% per year, preferably less. Remember, the less you take out at the beginning, the quicker your bank will grow, the sooner you can make a reasonable withdrawal.

With this kind of staking plan their are few worries during a losing run. You should always have the money to bet with.

If you ever get the urge for a fun/multiple/stupid bet!!! Pay for it out of your own pocket, not the betting bank, and put a minimum stake on it. Try not to do this though, although even I do it occasionally, I’m human, not perfect!! I would advise that if you must do fun bets, then run a seperate betting bank for them, this will help educate you.

I wish you luck, and hope this site helps you on your way to greater returns than you have had in the past. Please post any questions on the Forum. That way we can all help each other.

You’ll find much more information including staking plans, system, etc, by joining the Win2Win Membership.

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