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 I have been backing horses for many years, and have decided to put my knowledge of horses and computers together, in order to help out those people who either do not have the time to follow form, or are interested in additional information. Some of the information I supply is from my own contacts that I have built-up over the years, but mostly it is from race watching. I have been successfully making a profit for over 10 years now, and hope I can help you to improve your returns.

I have had an average success rate of 38% on my Pro-Bets, and 46% on the free Odds On Banker selections, over the last few years, as well as a good strike rate with any additional information I supply on the forum. On occasions, as we all do, I will hit a losing run, but were some people will then start chasing there losses, or betting irrationally, I remain strictly committed to my normal techniques, which I know will eventually result in a profit. I have included some of the basic rules of the staking & betting rules I use elsewhere on this site.

As this is a selective service, I will only list top class information, there will not be bets advised every day, as I am never tempted to offer a tip, just for the sake of keeping the few compulsive backers happy. So be patient, and visit every day, otherwise you may miss out.

Some people are of the opinion that professionals become instant millionaires, but I am sorry to say that it takes a lot of time, and hard work to even make a few hundred. Racing generally takes up 10 -16 hours of my day, and more during the Summer, with night & Sunday racing. On top of that, I now spend around 20-30 hours a week working on this site.

Most professionals get a return of between 3p-20p for every £1 they bet. So you can work out for yourself, that this is not a get rich quick job.

Profits are made over a long period of time, and one thing you must learn to do is write down every bet you do, and always keep your betting bank separate from your day-to-day spending. I run over 50 separate banks, for my different betting lists, and staking systems. Once your bank reaches a reasonable amount, you can make arrangements to withdraw a certain percentage each month. This is when your income from betting starts, and can take many months to build up. This is why you have to be extremely strict with your betting. You can not make a profit, if you spend the money every time you win.

As I know that a number of you prefer multiple betting such as a Yankee, I now include this on the site. Although it is a ‘fun’ bet, it has produced many good profits in the past.

If you are new to this site, you may just wish to watch the tips offered, although you will probably kick yourself if you miss out on a winner, but patience will help you to learn.

Many visitors have been coming to this site for months, and constantly email me with thanks for the information I pass on. I hope you find this site useful, and good luck with your betting.

There are additional services available for those who want the latest available information, but you can still turn a profit with the free information if used correctly.
Please feel free to contact me via the forum, and I will respond when the time is available.

Good Luck,

Keith Driscoll
Managing Director
Win2Win Limited
LL16 3AH
Company No. 05549480

Horse Betting System: The Legacy System Review

The Astonishing, Simple, Ingenious, AND PROVEN Fast-Cash Secret Of An Inspired Betting and Gaming Entrepreneur.
And It’s Proofed by the UK Racing Press!

This prince amongst racing systems’ continues to reliably deliver the same exciting BIG PROFITS PERFORMANCE to this very day

2006 : £27,940 or $53,646 Profit!  2005 : £29,010 or $55,700 Profit!  2004 : £33,381 or $64,000 Profit!  2003 : £29,418 or $56,500 Profit!  2002 : £26,554 or $51,000 Profit!

So, there you have it. You now clearly see for yourself that, without work or effort


The Legacy

Win2Win Racing Comments

This system has been around for as long as I can remember. I even have a copy of the old Sporting Life with an ad in for it!! They have been proofing to the press for that long!! It has been around for about 30 years. The only difference now is that they include the Saver System, which is an adjusted Legacy with a twist, and is supposed to chuck out more profit. If you buy this, you will need to run both separately though.

The number of selections if using both would be between 3-6 a day on average, enough to give you a good daily interest in the horses. I have been informed that over the last few years the longest losing run on the Saver System is 6, which is very good. A betting insider who has been following this system for some time (years), is nicely in profit, and over that period over time shows it does what it says on the tin.

Not wanting to take the word of a couple of guys, I contacted another in the industry who I know has been keeping track of this one, and he had nothing bad to say about it, and although it costs a decent bundle to purchase, he reckons it is well worth the money.





Horse Racing Trading: Easy Trader Pro Review

Easy Trader Pro


 • No more losing lay bets – profit either way
• Start today … with a bank as small as £50
• Profit from the horses and now from football
• Minimal time effort, maximum returns
• The ultimate system for Betfair users in 2007

• 200+ pages filled with my very own tricks and techniques
• Now includes a system for trading on football!
• 30 minutes of live training videos… copy my moves live!


Win2Win Racing Comments

First off, it is not a betting bot of any kind; it is an E-Book of a trading method. It is based on something similar to a bot I programmed, but from an angle I hadn’t considered before I read the E-Book, so I already knew that in theory the method should work.

Now one thing I must make clear is that you need to use the method in the morning, otherwise don’t bother with it, although weekends are still enough to get some good trades in if you work during the week. You then need to have access to the exchanges during the afternoon to check on any open trades. Somewhere amongst those times, if you have opened a position, you trade out. The E-Book makes it pretty clear how to do this.

The selection process in the morning is not difficult, and no more than 10 variables to check and these quickly dwindle down to potential qualifiers to a handful, so you throw out probably 99% of the days runners without even a second glace.

Everything is explained in simple to follow instructions, but for beginners I strongly recommended reading the E-Book twice before starting, and lay with £2 stakes until you prove to yourself the method is profitable.

So that’s the basic outline, now the important question;
“Is it profitable?” – Yes

“Does it make the money the guy says it does?” – Only if you’re trading in £100’s, and remember, you will NOT profit every trade, nor every day. But it will provide long term profits as long as you stick to the method, and are patient the first few days.

Once you get used to it, you will only take 10-15 minutes doing the days cards to get potential trades.

Easy Trader Pro Review