Horse Racing Tips – Simple Advice for Gamblers

A lot of horse racing tips are obtainable on the internet, but just pay attention to those which are professional gamblers. Basically put, these are the individuals who have been making a bet on horse racing for a living and have tried all the angles available in this sport.

These professionals are also the people who have come to appreciate that following some of the simple tips in horse racing, they have a greater chance of winning rather than losing, and as a result showing long term profits.

So what are these horse racing tips?

a) Inspect ALL of the horses that are running in the race, do not disregard any just because you do not like the jockey, or whatever!

The most regular blunder among gamblers is that they tend to focus on the horse with the best form and ignore all others. It is not wrong to bet favourites, as they win the majority of races (33% Non-handicaps, 23% handicaps). What you must do though is verify the odds of horses that have comparable form. If I rate two horses similar, and one is 2/1, the other is 5/1, I will have more money on the 5/1 horse.

b) Watch as much horse racing as feasible.

Studying as many horse races as you can will teach you how races pan out. As a new punter, you will get a lot of pointers by being an observer.

By Studying races, you will obtain knowledge about how races are run and how the horses are performing. By the time you are geared up to place real cash on a horse, you will have some appreciation about which of the factors have an effect on the result of the race. So by looking at all the runners, and with the knowledge you have learnt from watching, you can develop a picture in your mind of how the race may possibly be run.

c) Remain with Class horses at the beginning.

Class horses win more races than the typical horse, FACT. Class horses from leading training yards win additional races, FACT. Horse racing is about the horse that is conditioned and taught to win races. Disregard breeding in all but flat group races, and then it only plays a slight part.

It is easy to figure out which horse has class. You can tell this by the form, handicap rating, trainer strike rate, past runs, and the way the horse is walking about in the paddock and on the racetrack if you get a chance to see this.

d) Take a hint from a bookmaker, deliberate like them.

A bookmaker is one that puts together all the crucial information, form, jockey, trainer, etc, to serve as a basis later on. They assemble their own betting forecast based on all the factors that will prove applicable in the result of the race.

Learn as much about horse racing as you can. You can get handy information from the TV, magazines, books, Internet and newspapers. Evaluate what you read and look for ways to incorporate this in your selection process.

e) Previous horses form.

Watch out for horses that have out of the blue shown improved form. There may be those who have been losing and then begun winning from then on, find out why. These are worth betting on if you figure out why they have improved, and if that development is still present.

Do not go far back with a horses form, unless you are checking if it acts on the ground. If there are a number of wins, or second and third place finishes, then that horse may possibly be worth considering.

f) Horses lined up for certain races.

Trainers are a creature of tradition, and often set out to win the equivalent race every year, so pay special consideration to these. There are cases where there is horse trained for a specific race. You can characterize this by the track they are running at and other factors that may affect their running.

Follow these basic horse racing tips and you could find you are not throwing away your hard-earned capital for naught.

Avoid betting EW, Place, Trifectas, multiples, etc, the bookmakers make the smallest amount of profit from single Win bets, that should tell you something.

And the biggest horse racing tip of them all; Ignore what the media says, they are paid by the word, and are not professional gambler!