Watch Live Horse Racing

For those people who can remember as far back as the early eighties, they will know what bookmakers used to be like. You would walk in, the windows would be boarded up, and if you were lucky, you might have a few displays with the prices on. Usually though, it was a guy updating the prices on a racecard stuck on the wall. Once the race was off, you got to listen to the commentary. Now and again you could watch the horse racing on TV, but in those days it was only around four showing a week.

Later in the eighties things started to change, and more screens started to appear, with some bookmakers carrying live pictures. On top of that, more and more horse racing started to appear on the TV. Once we reached the nineties, things took a giant leap, and with the appearance of a racing channel, we could watch live horse racing every day of the week. The first racing channel ended up in financial difficulty, and not long after its demise, two new channels were launched, and they have proven to be an amazing success.

Now with technology moving on even further, most punters have access to the internet, and using sites such as can be a great help to discover where you can watch horse and greyhound races. Technology has taken another jump recently, as it is now possible to watch sport on a smartphone, but the problem with this is both internet speed, and bandwidth allowance. It will probably take a few years for 4G to go mainstream, and for bandwidth prices to drop considerably before this means of watching live sport becomes the norm.

In the meantime, we can sit at home and watching racing on our TV, or we can do the same on our computers by watching a live feed. Whichever way racing is watched, we have never had it so good.