Horse Racing Tipping Service: The Private Racing Group Review

The Private Racing Group


<p >All I can promise you is that once you have joined, The Private Racing Group, you will receive a straightforward and honest service and access into my group of private members receiving private horse racing tips. My private members then have access to all the bets I am having myself throughout the year. This would usually amount to around perhaps 25 bets in anyone year. It doesn’t sound that many bets in a whole year, does it?

Actually 25 quality bets a year is all I want or need. I want the wheat sorted from the chaff, and to only invest when I have the best chance of returning a profit on my investment. That’s what my members want from me as well.

I don’t even care what the odds are, and in 2006 and this year so far, they have ranged from evens to 16/1.


Win2Win Racing Comments

This is more of a ‘racing club’ than anything else, but kind of an insider information service. You will not be supplied with a mass of tips on a daily basis, the average appears to be around 25 bets a year. The service is run by Ray Thomas, and although I do not know him personally he is a real professional gambler, and therefore knows what he is talking about. The fact he only supplies a few tips a year means he is supplying you with quality, some services supply quantity, and most of it crap to make it look like you are getting value for money!

Because you only receive a few bets a year, this service is only for those who will be betting a minimum of £50+ on each horse, otherwise you will not be making much if you only bet normally with a fiver.

If you do sign up for this service, remember to use a separate betting bank, so you know exactly how it is doing.

This service has actually won an award for two years in a row, so Ray is doing something right.