How To Profit On Betfair

Many people want to know how to make money on Betfair, but there is no simple answer. This is because so many ways exist. You can do normal win betting, but you can also lay horses to lose as well. Win2Win Racing membership offers both of these methods, and they have proven profitable over the long term.


I mention the words ‘long term’ as they are very important when it comes to gambling. Unless you gamble in a stupid way, you will only make profits slowly, especially when starting off as your bank will be low. When it comes to laying, it is normal to only make around 3% profit in the £1. So if your stakes are £2, then after 50 bets and £100 staked, your profit should be around £3. That does not seem much, but that is the way it works in the real world. This profit is referred to as return on investment, and in this example would be 3% ROI.


When it comes to win betting, the ROI% is usually higher, this is because with win bets you get better value for money. Having a system with a 20% ROI is not unknown, but usually they will be between 3% – 10%. What these examples show you is that against popular belief, it is actually easier to profit from win bets, than lay ones.


Another way to profit on Betfair is to back or lay in the place markets. These markets have no relation to bookmaker EW prices, so do not waste time trying to compare them. One thing to note with these markets is that non runners do not change the pay out. Unlike a normal bookmaker who will reduce the pay outs to 2 horses, if a race goes from 9 runners to 7 runners (2 non runners), Betfair will still pay the top 3. There have been instances when a race has cut up to 4 runners, and Betfair still paid on the first 3 home. Although the prices will reflect this, you can still gain an advantage.


Some people will profit on Betfair by trading the prices. That is, back a horse at say 2.2, and then lay it at 2.18. This then gives a 0.02 profit. Most traders will profit before the race starts, and then move onto the next race, regardless of who wins or loses. Some people can trade, some can’t. It takes a lot of patience, and trial and error. Finding a trigger to exit the market, is just as important as getting in. Most people fail at trading as they do not get out the market early enough.


It is also possible to profit on Betfair by trading in-running. Sometimes people will look for a horse that will likely shorten in running. This is often the case with front runners from 1 mile up. Again, people fail at this by not exiting early when the market goes against them. The best advantage that an in-running gambler can have is being on the track. This gives between a 2-4 second advantage over those watching on TV. This may not sound like much, but it equates to a few lengths.


Betfair offers many markets in which to gamble and trade on. A popular bet is trading on the Under 2.5 Goals markets in games expected to be low scoring. A 10 point offset with greening is usually the way to go, and it is better if it is televised.


If you want to start profiting on Betfair then join Win2Win Racings membership. If you are looking to try trading on horse racing, then the best software around is Betangel. I profit from all of the above techniques.

How To Make Profits on the Exchange?

All punters would like to make a profit from gambling, and with the betting exchanges now a part of the normal betting world it is essential to have an account with at least one of them.

A simple way of showing the profit potential of an exchange is to compare a horse racing system that breaks even or shows a small loss using bookmaker SP, but using BSP (Betfair Starting Price) it shows a profit. You can clearly see this in the example below from real results during 2011.





P/L Exc












You can see this system would show a profit of £39.25 in 2011 (5% deductions included), while using a normal bookmaker you would have shown a loss of £14.72, ouch!!  The difference is a whopping £55, and this is just to £1 stakes. This is why using Betfair is a MUST.




One thing that using an exchange means is that some systems that worked way back in the 90′s but stopped due to overuse may now again be profitable, so it may be worth searching the internet for old free systems and checking them on the likes of Raceform, Proform or Horseracebase to see if they are now profitable. Some stats sites don’t have BSP so just add 10% to SP as you should average 8%-12% better than SP on an exchange.

If you are already using a profitable system backing at SP then you are losing profits by not backing the horses on the betting exchanges.

Another way of profiting on the exchanges is to LAY horses, that is backing the horse not to win. It’s easy to find a losing horse but it is actually more difficult to profit from laying than it is compared to win betting. This is because the lay bet has to include the overbet, that’s the 8%-12% bonus win backers get.

One line of ‘gambling’ the betting exchanged opened up is trading. This basically means buying and selling the actual Betfair prices to lock in a profit. This is usually done before the race is off, so you may back a horse at 4.0 in the belief the price will drop, and then lay at 3.8 for the same stake which producse a profit on that horse. You can then do what we call ‘greening up’ which splits that profit between all runners so no matter what wins you profit. Simple and easy money? Not quite, many people fail by not bailing out when the price movement goes against you, it is controlling the bailout that usually determines whether you make long term profits or not.

One good thing with trading is that you can use high stakes with little risk. A £100 stakes may only risk less than 5% of it at anyone time, especially if you are only dealing with 1 or 2 ticks.

One further form of profiting on an exchange is to use Back to Lay (Lay to Back is best ignored when starting out). You find a horse that always runs well in a race and expect the price to drop in-running, so you back the horse before the race and lay it in-running, greening up to lock in a profit on all runners. However this is more risky, if the horse falls before you bail out then you lose 100% of the stake, but you do make more profit than just trading the odd tick before the race.

So as you can see, having an exchange account is essential, not only for better odds but also to give you many more options on the types of bets you can do.